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The evil Queen has put a spell on the Kingdom, but the three sister Fairies have a plan.

You have been sent to help them find what they need to reverse the spell.

Travel through the Kingdom and bring them what they need.  You may even discover a few gems and other fun tasks to complete along the way.


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Development log


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I saw you were looking for feedback, and I like this kind of game, so I thought I'd give it a go! I wrote down my thoughts as I was playing.


  • Would like a way to adjust music/sfx volume
  • Save function would be helpful
  • Gradient bands in the skymap graphic
  • Grass sprites turn to follow player, distracting
  • Jump feels very short
  • Can fall from high places but no falling damage
  • Some noises were kind of shrill and annoying - smith in town, fairy giggles


  • I was able to use the jump function to climb the hills surrounding the world and see off the edge of the map
  • Some trees and objects not sunk into the ground
  • Water reflections sometimes flicker (but look really nice otherwise)
  • Also, scenery culls when not in view - but it's culling in the water too, making the reflections of hills and such disappear if you look down into the water.
  • Animals inside of castle all animating at the same time, need to vary start times. Especially noticable with sheep.
  • Guy constantly walking against merchant cart in the castle
  • There was a key in an outhouse I couldn't pick up (or possibly it was for a quest I never found)
  • If you walk up to someone who's always looking at you (like the hunter with the injured dog), they'll continue rotating to follow you even if you walk over top of them (they look like they're laying down looking up at you).
  • Hunter, dog, and tent tent only appears if you're very close. I heard him whistle but couldn't see him at all until I was way closer. The fire was there but just floating.


  • Good animations on all character models I saw.
  • Kissing the frog was cute.
  • Minimap was very helpful!
  • Field of view change when running was nice.
  • Lots of incidental details - footsteps, animal noises, birds and butterflies, rabbit, deer that ran away, etc.
  • Liked the dog, cat, rat chase!
  • The mouse? hamster? guarding the bridge was unexpected and fun
  • The wandering characters added quite a bit of life to the scene
  • There's almost always something to find even going to obscure corners of the map, either a chest or a tent or something! Good map design, I don't felt lost or disoriented and there's always something interesting to look at.

Overall thoughts

I'd say it's about a 6.5/10 right now. I really hope this doesn't come off as too negative - I've done some work in Unity and know how much work and effort go into a game like this! At the moment, it kind of feels like a tech demo. I never knew why I was collecting gems (or later, bottles!), and completing a quest (say, collecting arrows for the hunter) didn't really have a satisfying outcome. Everything was a fetch quest, so it'd be nice to see some variation in the quest types. I will also say that I understand why you'd need to use a variety of assets in an endeavor like this, but in places, it was very noticeable that they were from different sources. The animals were realistic but the humans were cartoonish, things like that.

Enough critique, though. It's very well done, especially for the small size of your team! I love seeing what indies produce, and it's still far beyond anything I've made! The character controller worked well and I never felt like I was getting unnecessarily stuck on terrain. (I did want to have a swim, but the game refused!) It kept me engaged for longer than I intended to play, so that's always a good thing. I feel like it's a really good start that just needs a bit more polish, you know?

Hopefully some of this ramble helps. :)


WOW...thanks for your comments/thoughts.  Exactly what I was hoping for.  Your critiques/bugs/positive posting was great information.  I will definitely go back and start doing an update (seeing how I'm the only programmer, it may take a little while...LOL).

I will go back and re-read the text that the fairies tell the player to ensure why the player is looking for certain items.  The gems were just something extra to find while traveling around.

My wife's son play test and gave me a lot of area where you could climb the mountains and see 'no man's land'.   I'll go back and see where I might have missed a few.

Again, thanks so much for your inputs...I greatly appreciate it.


Happy to help! I know it can be a little difficult to get feedback on games, so I try to do so when I have time. :)

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After jumping up the hills, do you remember what area of the hills that you were able to look off into never-never-land?

Right at the very start, actually. I believe it was just to the right hand side of where the character initially spawns.

Wow. Amazing work. Lovely Game.  

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Thanks so much...if you found something you liked, or even something you didn't, I would love to know..thanks again.

The game looks so alive. Nothing to dislike in your game.

I will check it out tomorrow. Looking good. Congrats.

Thanks, and please, let me know your thoughts....good or bad.